We can offer two different options for selling your cask.

When selling through our partner WhiskyAuction.Com, we will try to get a photo from your cask, get the latest re-gauging figures and draw a sample.
The cask will be put into auction where samples can be ordered by potential buyers. With over 7000 registered users world-wide WhiskyAuction.Com is one of the largest online platforms for selling whisky.

If you don't want to take the "risk" of an auction, we can offer your cask to our contacts in the business. We have contacts to independent bottlers, hotels and retailers. When selling casks, we will always get the latest re-gauging figures first. Depending on the estimated value and age of the whisky we also get samples drawn and send them to potential buyers. We will take care of the full process of transfering ownership.

"Thank you so much your representation. It has been professional, ethical and beyond reproach in a situation where you are dealing with a company whose commercial behaviour can only be described as questionable, and with a client whose has little ability to influence the process. Feel free to use our comments to as recommendations for your business  ethics."

"After talking to the Distillery, etc, I really thought I would have a hard time selling the barrel and/or not get much for it. Your predictions on what it was worth seemed to be far-fetched; however, you have more than proved your expertise and knowledge of the whisky trade!I want to thank you for all your hard  work and professionalism. I will spread the word on you and your Company and will not hesitate to highly recommend you."