Cask Management

In the current market most of the casks you can buy are coming from blenders, so the main part will be refill casks without any indication about it being 2nd, 3rd or whatever fill.

And it will be mainly ex-Bourbon casks.

There might be a lucky refill-Sherry cask among them, but normally you don’t get this data, so you will mostly read “refill Barrel” or “refill Hogshead” in offers provided.

The distilleries are simply not offering 1st-fill Sherry casks any longer and something special like wine casks are generally not on the market. That’s why most of our customers have started their own cask management and re-rack.

We are buying fresh ex-Sherry and ex-wine casks twice a year from Portugal, Spain and Germany for our clients.

Since none of the distilleries are offering re-racking services, we are transferring most of our casks to a location where this service is provided and the casks are more accessable.