By law since the end of 2013 all whisky leaving Scotland needs to be bottled and labeled according to regulations.

Estimated bottling charges:

For bottling a cask, the following charges will apply:

Cask handling charges (documentation, co-ordination, money transfer, etc.):                                 £100

Bottle/Bottling price (70cl clear and colourless standard bottle; cork and black or gold capsule):        £4.60

Label price (rough or glossy self adhesive label with your design):                                                    £1.20

Alcohol content:          we can bottle your cask from 46%vol. up to cask strength

Filtration:                      we can only provide non-chilled filtration

When bottling a cask, you have to remember, that there are not only the costs for the bottling itself, but customs will collect the duty on the alcohol, too.


To give you an overview, here is a short exemplary calculation:

A hogshead cask starts with about 250 litres of liquid. As a rough guide-line, the angels consume about 2% of it every year. So that after 10 years a cask has lost 20-ish% of its original content.

(Since there are a lot of variables, the wood of the cask, the cask’s position in the warehouse, the amount of movement it has gone through,…., only a complete re-gauging, when bottling can tell you the exact volume of whisky.)

After 10 years, the cask should have a theoretical bulk of 200 litres and a possible strength of 58% alcohol.

Bottling at cask strength (58%vol.), you would get approx. 285 bottles of 70cl.

This would mean that the tax for 115.71 litres of alcohol needs to be paid.

(If you want to get the cask bottled at a reduced strength of alcohol, only the number of bottles will rise, the volume of alcohol stays the same)

We are able to send the bottles to a bonded warehouse of your choice in your country. To get your bottles, you will have to pay the duty on alcohol stipulated by the local government.

*In the UK alcohol duty stands at £27.66 per litre of alcohol. That makes £3,200.54 excluding VAT (20% in the UK) for the 285 bottles. Of course VAT has to be paid on the duty.

Since the cask was originally bought without VAT, lying in a bonded warehouse, as a UK customer getting the cask bottled for the UK, this amount has to be paid now, too.

The costs for bottling our example cask (285 bottles @58%) are:

Handling:                                          = £100

Bottling:                     285 x £4.60     = £1,311

Labels:                                              = £342

Subtotal (in warehouse):                         = £1,753 (£6.15/bottle)

VAT                                                   = £350.60                           =£2,103.60 (in warehouse)

*UK Duty                                                   = £3,200.54

VAT                                                          = £640.11                                 =£5,944.25 subtotal

+VAT (of original cask purchase)                 = £300

Please remember, that there will always be haulage costs to get your bottles to their destination.

The prices given are as close as possible to the current market situation. Of course prices for bottles, cork, labels, etc. can change. We will provide you with a final quote, when being contacted by you.